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Armed/Unarmed Security Guards

Our comprehensive security solutions cater to diverse needs, offering both unarmed personnel ideal for locations requiring a visible deterrent and proactive crime prevention through patrols. Additionally, Black Cube Security stands out as a leading firm, uniquely positioned to provide full armed services for clients seeking enhanced protection measures.

Black Cube Security is one of the only firms that provide Full Armed Services to clients.
Our skilled and well-trained security officers use greater judgment to deal with threats and have a thorough knowledge of the weapon, which helps challenge conditions. All firearms services are governed by the Chief Firearms Office’s authority and are subject to the necessary licenses and permissions.
Our unarmed security personnel is perfect for locations where a significant patrol or visible deterrent is required to stop and report crimes.

They maintain frequent contact with their on-duty supervisor, ensuring that all problems are dealt with promptly. Each of our officers is issued special post orders and receives site-specific training.

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